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Hi, we are Joanna and Marcin and here’s few words about us…

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We are passionate about few things in life; scuba diving, travelling and most of all photography. We’ve always loved working together, we even called the two of us the”Dream Team” until we had our own personal bundle of joy. Now we are the “Dream Team 2.0”!

Since then we suffer constant lack of time.  In exchange for, our little cheeky boy Leo, never stops to amaze us and is our source of never ending inspiration and rediscovering the world through the child’s eyes. He is a main reason that we shifted our camera lens towards newborns, babies and families, as we finally discovered how to connect with the tiniest of models.

Our style still evolves as we are striving for perfection in every photoshoot we take. On the side we still continue our personal projects; lifestyle and conceptual fashion, which will appear from time to time in the blog section

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Majority of our sessions is held in our cosy home studio. Yes, we have a white background, yes, we have studio lights and no, our sessions are not fake smiles at all and far from boring. We are attentive and don’t force anyone to freeze in the pose, we observe how our tiny and bigger guests are feeling and let the energy flow. We want you to feel welcomed with open embrace and leaving with warm feelings, knowing that we captured images which would always remind you about this special moment in your life. We asked some of our clients about their experience and we’re over the moon they flooded us with such kind words.  If that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch!

We can’t wait to have you inside our world! Thank you for stopping by!

Joanna & Marcin

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